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My name is reza rafii rad. I am a painter and my favorite style is abstract expressionism .philosophy of art is my great interest activity . my translated book in farsi is " ART in Postmodern situation " published by " Dastan" publisher in 2010.lectures translated in this book :
·          Postmodernism
·          Modernist Painting
·          BEYOND BEAUTIFUL AND UGLY: (Non-dual Thinking and Aesthetic Theory)
·          The Critical Role of Art: Adorno between Utopia and Dystopia
·          What Is Art?
·          The Duality of Light Exploited in the Fusion of two Designs Introducing Matricism

1)solo exhibition: 2010, bahman cultural center tehran//
2) selected a poster in international poster exhibition "innovation in education",2013,turkey
3) selected a painting in group painting exhibition , IUK gallery, Indiana , 2013
4) selected a painting in 8th bienal Iran painting exibition2011
5)selected a painting in bcc Annual Show, black cube collective ,2013
6)5th fadjr festival international poster exhibition 2013
7) selected 2 photoes in iran festival art student photography exhibition 2002
8) selected a photoes in group exhibition photography , Open house ,Everete, usa, 2013
9)selected a painting in From the Well House magazine , indiana,kokomo,2013
10)selected a painting in " museo de arte " Puerto rico –vial- 2013
11) translation "matricism painting ",chiristian howard sidler, (publishing in Spain).
12) translation book "Art in Postmodern situation", Dastan publisher, 2009//
13)4th fadjr festival painting exhibition 2012


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I've got  a temperature
Often feel sick
I fainted!
I've got :
      A headache
      A sore throat
      A cough
I've been stung!
I've hurt myself
I fell down
I'm pregnant!! ( maybe!)
I had pain recently.


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